The Resilience Garden project, which started in June 2021, engages local men recovering from mental health illnesses, to design, create and maintain a community garden at Aldershot Military Museum. Places are still available to participate.

The aim is to involve men over a year, from both the Armed Forces and civilian communities. The project brings these participants together to support their own mental health recovery, developing personal and social resilience through a supported, collaborative activity.

This is an alternative intervention aside from local support services. Participants are invited to drop-in sessions and facilitated courses during the creation of the garden. These activities are designed to enable them to develop trust and confidence in others, as well as learn new skills and coping mechanisms.

Once the garden is complete, the aim is for participants to become peer mentors and volunteers, encouraging their wider networks to join them in utilising the garden for mental health support. The garden will become a place of continued shared learning, and development, as well as improving community integration through common ground.

The Resilience Garden project has been generously funded by the MOD Covenant Fund and Hampshire Gardens Trust, and will be supported by local services, including the North East Hants Recovery College and Blooming Marvellous Community Garden Project.

If you would like to join this project, please email, or contact Helen Ellis, Project Coordinator at or by calling 07904 808113.